In 2011 the GVC Board in Australia acknowledged the need to expand to larger, cleaner and safer premises and, in early 2012, a contract was signed with a local builder in Tivim, (Carmeno Fernandes) to construct new premises for the GVC Learning Centre.

The building was constructed on land donated by Alexio and Maria Pereira from Tivim and, the GVC ran an intensive funded campaign through events and corporate donations to meeting building costs.

The building was completed in 2013 and consists of two classrooms for students in pre primary; lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten, a resource room, a small office, computer room, kitchen and toilet facilities for boys and girls. In addition, a large open hall that serves as a meals area, venue for annual days and play area on wet days for the children.

By June 2013, the premises were fitted and ready for occupancy and on 27th July, 2013, the building was officially opened by Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar, and Commissioner for Non-resident Indians Dr. Wifred Mesquita. Other community leaders in attendance included Principal of St. Ann’s High School, Sr. Joysee, Deputy Sharpanch (Mayor) and member for Cantorlim Sharon D’Souza and Panchayat (Council) member Mahesh Dondh together with over 70 adults from in and around the village of Tivim.

An effective way to break the cycle of poverty is through education; and in 2014/15, 60 children receive education through our Learning Program. Other programs delivered through the Centre included, a pilot program on Empowering Women, Healthcare to families in need, employment to low income and struggling families and in kind support of food to families in need.

Ongoing support from our sponsors and donors will enable us to continue our work in giving hope to so many underprivileged children, families and communities.

Morning assembly in the hall

Class of 2014

Upper and Lower KG 2014/15

GVC sponsored students at St. Ann’s