Some of our volunteers

Joyce Martins
Joyce MartinsTrustee
Goa, India
Teresa D'souza
Teresa D'souzaVolunteer
Goa, India
Sharon D'souza
Sharon D'souzaTrustee
Goa, India
Olga Maladen
Olga MaladenVolunteer
Goa, India
Delilah Lobo
Delilah LoboVolunteer
Goa, India
Peter M.
Peter M.Volunteer
Goa, India


We are grateful to the work of our dedicated volunteering team in Goa:

Bonnie D’Mello – Managing Trustee
Sharon D’Souza – Trustee
Joyce Martins – Trustee
Delilah Lobo – Volunteer
Teresa D’Souza – Volunteer
Olga Maladen – Volunteer


All members of the GVC Board in Australia are volunteers:
Nigel Robertson, Rod Jones, Horatio Cardoz, Zubin Sadri and Ginelle Jones

In addition, we are grateful for the commitment and assistance of:
Jim Connolly – GVC Tasmania
Diane Lloyd – GVC Tasmania
Karen Smith – GVC Tasmania
Amy Chen – GVC Victoria
Bhavika Shett – GVC Victoria
Bindi Raja – GVC Victoria
Georgia Jaffray – GVC Victoria
Penny Sidhu – GVC Victoria
Emil Galevski – GVC Victoria

Our work is heavily dependent on our volunteers and we are always in need of volunteers so, if you can help or are interested in getting involved and have skills in teaching English, maths or computer studies, Web management, administration, fundraising experience, please register your interest by filling in the below.

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Ginelle with Jonah and Jasmine at the centre

Erin volunteering at the GVC centre in Goa

Rod Jones – Story time with children

Phil volunteering at the centre in Goa

Gareth working on art with Manjava and Kirti

Nigel Robertson building furniture for the centre