Gulshan Nayak’s story


In 2011, Gulshan (13 years old) and his sister Priti (seven years old) were referred to the GVC by Rajani (Supervisor) at the Directorate of Women & Child in Panjim. These children came from a troubled home of domestic violence and malnutrition and illiteracy. Their father was a labourer and an alcoholic whilst their mother held casual work cleaning homes. The children needed urgent assistance to be removed from the home environment into a boarding school where they could, at the very least have an education.

The GVC approached two organizations that had facilities for boarding and education for children. Priti was accepted by Mother Teresa’s Roses and Gulshan St. Anthony’s school in Mapuca. The GVC made monthly payments to the organizations towards expenses associated with the boarding and education of both children.

Gulshan joined Year 8 in 2011 and was promoted to Year 9. In 2012, in Year 9 he failed his final exam in two subjects and had to repeat the year.


In 2013 he again failed the same year and the GVC requested coaching classes be commenced for him in the subjects he was having difficulty. In 2014, after a visit from the GVC it was established that no classes or guidance was provided to Gulshan and he had failed again (third time) in History and Science.

Immediately the same year, the GVC sought and received admission for Gulshan at Don Bosco’s Open Learning Centre in Parra, Mapuca. Gulshan’s sponsor generously doubled his sponsorship ($60/month) to meet boarding and education expenses.


In June 2015, Gulshan took top position in his class and year. Gulshan want to continue studying into Year 11 and 12 but wants to do this on his own. The GVC have admitted him to a government recognized computer education and video editing course. On completion of his courses, we have negotiated for him to commence an internship which we will ensure leads to permanent employment. The GVC will continue to support Gulshan as he may need to ensure he completes his Year 11 and 12 which he will undertake on a party time basis.

The GVC is very proud of Gulshan’s achievements and humbled to have been part of his journey to a future of dignity and free from poverty.

This is our very first case of tangibly realizing our vision of ‘breaking the cycle of poverty’